This page is in honor of those who went on to their reward during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Indoor gatherings were prohibited and many families were not able to gather and celebrate the lives of their loved ones. Instead, some have used technology to honor their loved ones, creating memorial videos so that all their family and friends can see and remember. As time goes on, we will be free again to assemble and celebrate. But this page will remain available for anyone in the EPC family who wishes to provide a video in remembrance.

Suzanne Craig

  • "We'll se ya when we see ya" – grams

    Suzanne Craig was a beloved member of our congregation known for her joyful nature (on fire for the Lord), taking love loaves of bread to new people in the neighborhood, and for tending the EPC garden with great care and affection -- among many other things.

    Suzanne went home to be with the Lord a year ago, and we weren't able to celebrate her life together because of COVID-19. But her daughter, Georganne Kinnunen, recently sent this memorial video. And it is a wonderful tribute to a life well lived.

    If you knew her at all, you will want to see this video. So, grab a box of tissues, click the link below, and remember.

    God's peace be with you all.